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14 Days In Italy – Without The Crowds is an Italy travel guide for an amazing holiday in Italy.
With a well planned yet flexible itinerary 14 Days In Italy sets out an Italy travel experience that will create memories for a lifetime.
Information includes:

  • How to navigate Fiumicino airport and how to purchase tickets and take the Leonardo Express, arriving in Rome in 32 minutes.
  • Personal security recommendations for your holiday.
  • Remember, it only takes one pickpocket to ruin your whole holiday.
  • Travel times to select destinations by car, bus or train.
  • Accommodation recommendations and…
  • Some real hidden gems as far as towns, attractions and things to see.

And much much more…

The Inner Secrets to visiting Italy without the crowds is well explained and easy to implement.
The suggested destinations will be conversation pieces long after you have returned home.
Whether you have traveled in Italy many times or are planning a first visit this book will be a valuable tool to have.

It is impossible to see all of Italy in one visit.

Some have said it would take 10 years to see most of it.

Italy travel usually involves many trips over many years, not only to your chosen favorite locations but also to explore and discover other locations and to delve deeper into the culture, history and lifestyle that makes Italy one of the most visited countries in the world.

Once you have the information contained in this book, onboard, planning your next and subsequent trips will be a lot easier and less time consuming.

You Can grab it at Amazon in either eBook or Paperback formats or both.

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Image of the cover of the Italy travel guide book 14 amazing days in Italy

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